Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Friday Florals

I found this growing beside a stream near the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead, but I have no idea what kind of flora it is.  Maybe some kind of berry bush?  

And this, below, is a Columbine that's growing in my back garden.

This is a Money Plant.  It grows wild all over up here in the spring.  This one is unusual because it is more of a red-violet color than the usual lavender or purple color.  And I have no idea why Blogger is making everything align exactly where I don't want it.  Maybe it's just having a case of Spring Fever! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Victoria!

    That first one, I'm pretty sure, is a flowering quince -- Chaenomeles something or other -- AKA Japonica around here.

    We have money plant all over too -- but the usual blue-purple.

    Sometimes Blogger just has a mind of its own!

  2. Thanks, Vicki!

    I love flowering quince, but I didn't know it would grow at such a high elevation. Oh, wait...Lake Arrowhead is almost 1,000 feet below me. Maybe I better not get too excited just yet.

    And you are SO right about Blogger!

  3. I have a sort of curly, bell shaped flower sprouting in my garden this spring. They look like the sort of things fairies wear as hats in cute pictures. I'm beginning to wonder whether they've made friends with me at last.

    And my computer has taken to switching itself on when I'm out of the room. Mm...

  4. JJ, I think you have computer literate fairies!


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