Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Sunsets

I have a gazillion photos of sunsets, so I thought I'd start posting one every Sunday. 

Spring is still being very moody, warm one day, freezing temperatures and snow the next.  Spring has always been capricious, but this one has been more than that, it has been absolutely crazy.   So I've been kept busy covering cold tender plants, then uncovering them, then covering them again, and so on...

Weather is crazy, the animals are behaving badly and people are acting like they're insane.  (More about insane people in a later post).

I think the line from Bob Dylan's 'Things Have Changed' sums it up perfectly: "People are crazy and times are strange."


  1. Great shot -- such tender tones and gradations!

    And I sure agree about the times -- they are a-changin' -- and not always for the better.

  2. So many places seem to having unusually capricious weather these days. The recent warm weather over here brought the garden alive. The fruit trees have blossom. And now it's turned cold again and tonight we're due to have a frost. But because the weather has been dry and mostly sunny, even when it was cold, the greenhouse has been getting very warm and the strawberries are fruiting already.

  3. Thanks, Vicki!

    JJ, you have strawberries coming on already? Lucky you! I have got to get a greenhouse, but our building codes require that it is able to withstand a 6' snow load. So far I've had no luck finding an afordable one.

  4. I think you need a friendly builder with time on his hands. What I don't understand is why it should be any business of the authority's if your greenhouse roof collapses.

  5. Lots of friendly builders up here, but none with time on their hands, unfortunately.

    I've never understood why the authorities are able to tell us what we can or cannot build on, or do with, our own land either. If I even want to cut down a tree on my OWN land I have to get a permit! And pay for said permit. It's all about money, I suppose.


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