Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And the Insanity and Hatred Goes On...

The latest attack on women is over the Violence Against Women Act.
The last time this program was reauthorized, it passed nearly unanimously through the House and Senate — but incredibly, the ALL-MALE REPUBLICAN BLOCK on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted down the bill.

That's right: Republicans are now standing in the way of reauthorizing an incredibly popular and successful program that has reduced domestic violence rates by 58% since it was first passed in 1994.

Voting to defund Planned Parenthood, redefine rape, and block access to contraception has not been enough for anti-woman members of Congress — they now want to block funding for victims of domestic violence.
Although Republicans in the House blocked the first attempt to reauthorize this important program, a victory in the Senate would put more pressure on the House to pass the legislation.

There is a petition at CREDO to let the Republicans who are blocking this bill that their actions are unacceptable. Click below to automatically sign the petition:


Or, if you're not comfortable signing an on-line petition, please send an e-mail to your senators and representatives to let them know how outraged you are by the misogynistic actions of the men who are voting against this bill. 

5.1.14 - It did get saved, some time ago, thank goodness.


  1. Thanks for this Victoria ... I don't know why any woman would vote Republican or conservative ... in fact I don't know why anyone who is in touch with the Divine even a smidgen would. I was a victim of domestic abuse ... not physical, but everything else you could think of for over 20 years. I thank the Goddess and a good counselor that helped me through my divorce not to mention my angel of a daughter. I just can't write anymore ... I could just spit and I do so want to stay positive otherwise I will just scream and never stop.

    Love and Light to ALL !

  2. Art Sings, you're very welcome. I'm so grateful to God/dess that you got out of that abusive relationship.

    Blessings to you ALWAYS,



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