Monday, April 23, 2012

Weather Whiplash

Yesterday was beautiful, although it was was too hot for this time of year.  The bees were buzzing happily in the blossoms and it felt like Spring had finally arrived.

But by early afternoon clouds had moved in and it started to rain lightly.  As I left my studio to walk down to my house, it was snowing lightly and my poor little witch weather vane was getting cold!  The weather people are predicting snow only above the 7,000 foot level so, hopefully this bit of snow will turn to rain. 

I had more pictures for this post, but ... (don't read any further, dear readers, I'm going to yell) ... BLOGGER WOULD NOT POST THEM!!!  BLOGGER, THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING, WRONG WITH THE OLD FORMAT....QUIT FIXING THINGS THAT AREN'T BROKEN!!


  1. You are so right. I don't like the new format either.
    Lovely pictures, but I'm getting cold looking at them ; )
    I hope the weather will get warmer soon.

  2. I've yelled the same yell on the Blogger forum, Victoria, I don't think they have ears. And our weather keeps swinging about, too.

  3. Weather Whiplash indeed, WOW!
    So sorry you are having bloggy grief!
    Hope you have a better day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Love the picture you were able to post ... not to worry, I'm sure Blogger will get things worked out ... I too find change bothersome, but really it's good for my brain to try different things. Victoria, our weather here in Florida has been wonderful!! Finally a few cool days, meaning mid to high 70's. So I'm happy with the surroundings right now.

    Love and Light to you dear friend and to everybody else for that matter.

  5. Oh, Blogger, you're breaking our hearts; you're shaking out confidence daily...

  6. What a change in the weather..poor bees. I have to agree with you re: blogger.


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