Thursday, April 12, 2012

Completely Crazy

O wind, where have you been,
That you blow so sweet
Among the violets
Which blossom at your feet.
The honeysuckle waits
For Summer and for heat
But violets in the chilly Spring
Make the turf so sweet.

Christina Georgina Rossetti

The violets and the other flowers which are blooming right now (not many; just daffodils and a few tulips) are soon to covered under a not so comfortable blanket of snow and buffeted by not so sweet winds. We got a mix of rain, snow and sleet yesterday, nothing today, but the weatherman has predicted that the mountains where I live will get 8 inches to a foot and a half of snow tomorrow. At least my apple trees haven't blossomed out yet, thank goodness. Snow is not unusual for April up here, but usually we don't get so much of it.

I wish the weather would go back to behaving the way it did when Ms. Rossetti (1830 - 1894) lived. I'm sure spring was still unpredictable back then, but I know it wasn't as crazy as it is now!


  1. Beautiful !!!
    I hope the weather will be better and the appleblossom can come out without fear of cold ; )
    Have a magical day.

  2. Violets are such pretty little flowers!
    The high country of Arizona is to get a snow storm tonight. It is a little on the cool side but nothing bad.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I'm sorry for the flowers but glad you're getting the additional moisture.

  4. Beautiful picture. I hope the weather settles soon for you. We had a little snow this morning but a foot and a half...I would be in a right state! lol


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