Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gilded Northern Flicker

I've been taking photos of these woodpeckers for years now and, try as I might, I can never get a photo of one taking off.  The undersides of their wings are a brilliant coral color, or sometimes a beautiful golden yellow. When I see one taking off I get so entranced by the gorgeous color that I just stand there with my mouth open and by the time I remember to lift up my camera, they're gone!  Someday...


  1. They are so quick !! I love this bird. It is so beautiful.
    Have a great day.

  2. Oh, I'm so envious!
    He's beautiful! And to think you see woodpeckers in the flesh, errr, feather! :)

    Woody Woodpecker used to be my all time fave cartoon.

    Lucky you :)

    I love your photos, Victoria. I get to share in a little bit of a wondrously beautiful part of the world - your backyard!

  3. Eilis, you're right, they are very quick, and so beautiful.

    Oh, but Vicki, I saw the amazingly beautiful photos of the birds on your Australian blog...such colors! Ha, I think we're envious of each other!

    I'm glad you both liked the photo, thanks!


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