Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wednesday's Winding Road

This was taken in April of 2011.  It's not quite this green right now in these mountains, but we have gotten smidgens of rain.  The best news is that the mountain range to the south of us, the San Jacinto range, where the huge fire is still burning got quite a bit of rain yesterday.  The little town of Idyllwild is safe, thanks to heroic efforts by over 3,000 firefighters.  The fire came within one mile of the village and, as everyone knows who lives in areas prone to huge wildfires, a mile is waaay to close for comfort.

Although the fire has burned over 27,300 acres, it is now 85% contained.  Contained doesn't mean 'out' but it does mean that the firefighters have a line around 85% of the fire and that is good news indeed.  It is expected to be completely contained by tomorrow evening and expected to be completely out within a couple of weeks. 

The best news of all is that the evacuation orders have been lifted and folks can go home.  Having been forced to evacuate in 2003 and 2007, I can say I truly know the joy, thankfulness and elation these people are feeling.  And I know that their hearts, like mine, go out to the people whose homes were lost. 


  1. ry for the people who lost their homes, but happy to hear that the fire is nearly completely under control. Firefighters are heroes !!
    My dad used to be a fire commander ; )
    Have a great day.

  2. Victoria - I am so thankful to hear the fires are becoming controlled. Also very grateful that you are safe as well. When I look at the photo that was taken in 2011 - I just am awed by the beautiful landscape. To think fire has ravaged these mountains fills me with sorrow. Take care and God bless. I will be looking up for you!!

  3. What a beautiful road, Victoria.

    Yes, a mile is way too close for comfort indeed.
    So much damage has already been done, and my heart goes out to all.

    I'm so very glad for Idyllwild.

    I hope the "smidgeon" of rain turns into fat, billowy, heavy, rain leaden clouds.

    I'll continue to wish a safe season for all in your beautiful mountains throughout the remainder of your summer :)


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