Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Almost Full Moon of July

She looked very ominous as she rose above the thick clouds of smoke from the huge, 23,000 acre fire burning in the San Jacinto mountain range in Riverside county.  I can't remember seeing a moon this color before; is this what is meant by the saying "blood on the moon?"  Over 6,000 people have been evacuated and the fire is only 25% contained.  The cause wasn't lightening, but human.  It has yet to be determined if it was arson or accidental. 

We got a tiny smidgen of rain today.  It lasted for about 60 or 90 seconds, as if someone took a giant plant mister and waved it back and forth above us.  There have been a few little spot fires that were started by lightening in the mountain range I live in, but our fire fighters wasted no time in bringing in the water dropping air tankers and fire retardant bombers.  Most of the little fires are out, the others have lines of fire retardant around them and fire fighters will be watching them throughout the night to make sure they don't escape those lines.  Everyone is dreading later in the fire season when the Santa Ana winds will come.  Just a few years ago fire season started in the middle of September and ended in mid-November.  Maybe we'll get early, heavy rains in used to happen regularly.  We've even gotten several feet of snow by mid-October.   Cross your fingers for us....


  1. Hi, I hope you will get rain. It all sounds very scary.

  2. Oh Victoria, I'm crossing fingers and sending positive thoughts your way! May early snows or heavy leaden rain clouds scud across the skies to you very soon.

    I looked up the San Jacinto Mountains and the lovely town of Idyllwild - such incredible beauty! I can't even begin to imagine such mountainous majesty!
    I'm so sad to read that 100's of year old trees have burned.
    And am sorry that people's homes have been lost.
    I've just read that thankfully, heavy rains have fallen and lessened the threat for the township of Idyllwild.
    Although, apparently, other hazards are still a potential problem.

    So sad to see so much countryside burned - my heart always aches for the poor creatures who have lost their lives or have been harmed. The fear they experience.

    The devastation of fire is so frightening. I can't even begin to say what I think of the low-lifes that start fires in summer, just for the fun of it. It makes me sick.
    Every year, we face similar. And fear the deliberately lit fires in our bushland and forests.

    I am all too familiar with the damage that flying embers can do over incredible distances, so I am wishing all well over your way in your beautiful homeland.

    My thoughts and wishes are with you on your beautiful mountain, Victoria. And for the environment and beautiful wildlife - may all be safe xx

  3. Dear Victoria - I will be praying that you stay safe and get rain soon. I have heard about the fires and the evacuations. Terrible that someone would be responsible for causing such havoc. Keep safe dear one.

  4. Take care, hope u and the garden and the forests all stay safe.

  5. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes for rain, keep them coming if you can!

    Vicki, I could probably say what I think of the low-life, scumbag, pieces of human filth who set fires deliberately, but I don't think it would get past the Blogger censors. Homes can be rebuilt, although never the same, but the lives of the trees and animals which were murdered can't be. Every winter (here) I pray that Australia will be spared devastating wildfires in summer.


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