Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forest Magic

'Humboldt Lily' is the actual name of this flower, but they always remind me of the treasure of some fabulous Faery Queen, especially when I come across one deep in the woods like this one.  As I pushed aside thick cedar branches, I saw this lily dancing in the breeze, looking as though it was placed there on purpose as a lantern to brighten up the green shadows and lend some sparkles to the water.  I could swear I saw a glow coming from it when, a little way down the narrow path that only I and the forest animals use, I turned to look back at it.  A bit of forest magic on a mundane day...


  1. It does indeed look like a fairy treasure. I love it when things like this appear as I roam the woods around my house.

  2. Some people strive to grow such beauties in their gardens.
    And to think, you have them growing wild in your beautiful forest!
    Magic indeed :)


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