Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Last Night's Moon

I took this shooting up through the tall pines, and I wouldn't have taken it at all if I hadn't heard a raccoon growling at a cat.  I rushed outside and chased off the raccoon, then looked up and saw the moon and the clouds.  I'm wondering if the colors are the result of ice crystals in the clouds, or reflected colors from somewhere (the blurriness is because I didn't use a tripod).  

Anyway, even though it's blurry, I thought the colors were interesting.  I wonder what the aunts in the movie "Practical Magic" would have thought about these colors around the moon?  For that matter, I wonder what my Italian Nonna would have thought.  She always said when the ring around the moon is green, go out and stand in its light because that light is really good for your skin, but she never said anything about multi-colored clouds around the moon...


  1. Theres a full blood moon tonight because of an eclipse thats suppose to happen in the wee hours of the morning...not sure of the exact timing...Maybe thats it? Hugs! deb

  2. Beautiful moon, and lovely post, yes I imagine your Nonna would have loved last night's moon, very powerful! Magical!!

  3. Now that is magical. What a wonderful shot.

  4. Deb, maybe you're right!

    Victoria, I think she would have, indeed, loved it.

    OC, thank you, I'm happy you liked the photo.


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