Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time for Tea

...at half past three.  Well, nearly.  There's a cold little wind dancing around up here today, telling of things to come.  It isn't saying anything about rain, though.  Hopefully, a wind will soon come along and bring rain clouds with it!  And, even better, hopefully those clouds will be loaded with rain and willing to drop it on these mountains before we all dry up and blow away...


  1. Today was rainy and blustery here -- perfect for tea and toast with homemade marmalade.!

  2. It's been time for tea all day today! Such a cold day! My part of Australia had a sudden rush of wind, rain and snow yesterday!

  3. Vicki, that sounds good! I had scones with apple butter.

    Laura, wow, that's kind of late in the Spring for that kind of weather! Stay warm.

  4. Don't know why but you've been missing from my readers list. Lovely to have you back on my list. I've been catching up looking at some of the lovely photos you share of your beautiful surrounding countryside. Now the autumn weather is creeping in I'm getting back into taking afternoon tea ... wow I can't believe I said that, that was some thing my posh great aunt used to say, 'taking tea,' my Mum used to say 'let's have a nice cup of tea.' I'd love to have tea & cake with you.

  5. Barbara, Blogger has been behaving oddly for me, also. And, I'd love to have tea and cake with you, too!


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