Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mrs. Rose and Her Close Encounter With the Supernatural

Mrs. Rose: "What...what is this?  A flat, oddly shaped ice cream cone?  It rather looks like what the Mrs. Good Human puts out for me and my children sometimes, but it doesn't smell anything like those..."
Casper: "Oh, she's kissing my cheek, that feels so nice!"

Casper: "Where are you going?"
Mrs. Rose: (Thinking to herself) "Uh oh, oh dear, oh my gosh, it's a ghost!"

Casper:  "Awww...I just wanted to visit..."
Mrs. Rose:  "Thanks anyway, but I've pressing business offense!"  And thinking to herself, "Oh bother this time of the year!  The most unexpected people pop up in the most unexpected places!" 


  1. Ha ha ha I love it! also I love that you named a skunk Mrs Rose! what a lovely name!

  2. Love the pictures and the story.

  3. Laura, thanks. I always give the skunks around here the names of flowers...I think it helps their self-esteem ;)

    OC, thank you, glad you liked them!


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