Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sunlight and Songs

Taken yesterday.

I'm sitting by the fire tonight, listening to the autumn song that a cold breeze is singing in harmony with the huge old pines, cedars and oaks.  Others are also singing; the coyotes up at the top of the ridge and two owls that have recently taken up residence in the Faery Forest.  "Who, who?"  Whaee, wha, whaaaeee?"  "Whoooo?"  They call back and forth to each other for several hours each evening under the
night-black sky that is scattered with thousands of diamond-bright stars.  The only other song is the fire, quietly singing to itself as it burns in the living room fireplace. 

The songs of I love them!


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  2. Such a poetic choice of words to describe your Autumn sounds. The sparkling diamonds in the sky is my favourite on clear nights.

  3. Barbara, thank you. Stars are one of my favorites, too.


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