Monday, January 26, 2015

A Quote For Monday

"And a single small cottage, a nest like a dove's
The one only dwelling on earth that she loves."  Wordsworth

The image is from Pinterest.  Such a darling little cottage...

I've been sitting by the fire in my own little cottage for the past hour listening to the RAIN!  We won't get a big accumulation, but, as my Scots friend says, "Some is better than none." 

And...the Christmas decorations are still up.  I consider them Winter decorations, too, so I don't take them down until I see the first Pussy Willow bud.  Considering the strange weather, that might be any day now...


  1. Dear Victoria,
    How I love that little cottage! And I must say, if I had a fireplace, and it was decorated such as yours, don't know that I would ever take it down.. How beautiful, warm and cozy.
    Thank you for the great selection of names, and your kind words.. Lots to do before he is finished, but I will get there.

  2. That cottage looks surreal. How snug you've been in your own little secret Christmas spot! I tend to get my stuff packed away just after New Year's since I am short on space in the first place. I would love to have some little white fairy lights twinkling in the corners of my living room though ;) Wendy x

  3. I would surely love such a sweet cottage like that too!

    With a hearth like yours, it seems such a shame to take down your beautiful decorations. They are so warm, welcoming and cheery. I'd keep them up for a little longer after Christmas, just as you have, and enjoy the festive delights.

    Rain! That's wonderful! I do hope there is more on the horizon very, very soon. Sending rainy thoughts to your magical mountain...

  4. Oh, I love that cottage! I'm sure I lived there in another life....

    So glad you have a bit of rain!

  5. I love that cottage. Lovely decorations in your own little cottage.


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