Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Tracings

I love the spare, elegant beauty of deciduous trees in winter.  I was visiting a friend in Crestline yesterday afternoon, and we took a walk around Lake Gregory.  All the lakes up here are so low, it's heartbreaking. You can't see the exposed shoreline in this photo; I didn't take any photos that showed the shoreline. I keep hoping for big rains.  Maybe it will happen.  But it was a lovely walk, nonetheless, breathing in the cold, damp air scented with pine trees, water and the wood smoke from a few fireplaces.


  1. Sigh you put me there.
    I love the beauty of the tree's form in winter
    But the gardener in me always manages to think of which branch I will will prune when weather gets warmer ha!

  2. I love the bare branches against the sky,

  3. And to have the water as well -- what glory!

  4. Such a beautiful, otherworldly picure, Victoria. It looks like an old painting. Your Lake Gregory is magnificent.

    I too adore the winter tracery of trees. Deciduous trees offer stunning seasonal delights.

    I despair for the drought you're experiencing. I truly wish there would be an end to it insight. A return to wild, wet winters generously filling reservoirs and lakes to the brim.
    I think of the animals who also suffer in drought. Having to go farther to seek water, and thus exposing them to dangers of humanity as well as climate.

  5. How magical! I will try and send you some rain. Do a rain dance!


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