Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Snowy New Year

It started snowing the evening of December 30 and snowed all night long.  Only a few inches were predicted, so I guess that's why no chain control stations were set up (these are where cars that don't have snow tires and/or four wheel drive are told to put on chains or turn around and go home).  What a mess!  The snow that landed on the warm pavement of the roads melted at first, then formed a solid sheet of ice.  Then the tiny, dry flakes of "powder" snow that the mountains of the West are famous for fell. Not a lot; only about eight inches here. But, trying to drive in these conditions without a four wheel drive with chains on all four tires is like trying to walk over a glass floor that's covered with marbles without falling.  Lots of people were stranded in their cars and there were quite a few minor accidents.  Thankfully, everyone was rescued and no one was hurt. 

By the next day, chain controls were in place and even more people, hearing about the fresh powder, came up to our ski resorts.  Good news for the ski resorts and all the merchants! 

I spent a quiet day today curled up by the fire drinking tea, cuddling cats, noshing on too many leftover goodies from last night and reading...after I watched the Rose Parade, of course!  A New Year's day without the parade would be unthinkable to most Californians.
(This photo is from Pinterest)


  1. Oh, Victoria!
    To see these images, I am so thrilled for you!
    Stay safe and enjoy your winter wonderland.

  2. What a magnificent winter wonderland!
    Wishing you joy in the new year.

  3. Lovely snow! Did you actually put your lamp outside to take that picture?

  4. Laura, these lamps are outdoor lights that line the paths through my studio garden. The wiring is waterproof and is buried underground. I'd be afraid to put a lamp meant to be used indoors outside in the snow because the electrical cords on indoor lamps aren't waterproof. With my luck, I'd get electrocuted!


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