Monday, February 16, 2015

A Quote For Monday

"There are many ways to be free.  One of them is to transcend reality by imagination."  Anais Nin

I've been doing just that by staying in my studio all day with the blinds pulled down, a small fire in the fireplace and imagining that our driveway looks like it did in this photo (I think I took this in 2008).  I also played, over and over, the sounds of a violent snow and hail storm that I recorded years ago.  High winds howling and moaning around the eves, hail hurling against the windows and periods of relative calm, when the wind sang in the trees, the snow just barely made a whispering sound against the windows, and I could hear the creek.  Bliss!  


  1. I read that quote recently I think! So true! I definitely get lost in books, and a few movies and tv series!

  2. So true. I've always found that imagination has safe worlds to flee to...

    I love storms. Even when I know they can bring damage, my heart thuds and my senses tingle.
    I love the moan of the wind through window and door cracks and around the eaves.
    Spine chilling and thrilling.
    I feel alive in a storm.

    So, I can only imagine how amazing a snow storm must feel/sound like in your beautiful corner of the world, Victoria.


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