Friday, February 6, 2015

Faeries Friday - The Snow Moon Faery

The Snow Moon Faery is replacing the stars that were dimmed by the light of the full Snow moon a couple of days ago.  She does this only once a year because there is a special faery for each moon.  These faeries collect the tired stars, weak from trying to outshine the moon when she is full, in special boxes that revive the stars and, at the proper time for each star, the faery replaces each star in its exactly-right-for-the-star's special spot, gives it a kiss to give it a little extra sparkle and flies on to replace the other stars...

(Photo found on Pinterest)


  1. Another delightful story. Beautiful picture.

  2. Ah Victoria - I think I would love to meet this special faerie! Beautiful my friend. Have a great week-end.

  3. This is so touching, Victoria.

  4. Dear Victoria,
    Magical photo, and a touching story,
    Enjoy your weekend


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