Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Sunlight - Alpenglow

I was waiting in the car for my husband in a parking lot down in the San Bernardino valley when I happened to glance up from my book and look out the window.  This is what I saw.  Mt. San Bernardino, elevation 10,649 feet.  It was nearly dark down in the valley where I was, but the sun was lighting up the peak.  There's so little snow on the mountain tops, but it was still pretty.  It would have been amazing had there been the normal amount of snow for this time of year.

Normal.  As far as the climate goes, I really miss normal.  I wonder if it will ever come back?


  1. Lovely photo. the colour is amazing. When you live somewhere that the snow is important it must be a different feeling.

  2. Oh Victoria!!! So, so beautiful, magical, entrancing.
    No one could accuse you of looking through rose coloured glasses - not when you live on one of the most enchanting mountains blessed with such incredible light!
    I am in AWE...

    I can only imagine how even more spectacular the sight if it had a blanket of snow. Like pink faerie fondant icing it would be.

    I feel the sadness in your words. I do wish a return to the climate of old for all on your mystical mountain.
    I can only offer words of hope thus...
    This state where I now live, once used to be called, "the garden state". It was well renowned for its many styles - stately, formal, natural and humble, yet floriferous, cottage gardens. The generous water supply and kind climate were good to plants of all kinds.
    But eventually, many years of drought reduced it to a mere shadow of what it once was. Even the signs stating its garden glory were removed.
    Everyone thought it would never return to its former days.
    But, just three years ago, the drought broke, bringing with it life giving continual rain. The reservoirs filled and green returned. For the first time, tight water restrictions were removed. Gardeners rejoiced. Horticulture supplies grew once more.
    The images in my blog show the emerald foliage on our mountain. It is very welcome.
    Although, I often feel apprehensive each winter, and pray for good rains to replenish us through summer, especially as Jan - March bring constant wary thoughts of bushfires.
    One never forgets drought. Australia is one of the most arid continents. So much of it cannot be lived on. We all exist on a small "fringe" on it's periphery, and are aware of mother nature's whims.

    When we left the west coast of this wide brown land, there were no water restrictions, and dams in the country were full of water at winters end.
    Now, deep cracks craze the bottom of many empty private home dams, as that part of the country now experiences what looks like a long term drought.

    So, please don't give up hope. I believe climate has cycles - the "change" doesn't help of course, but I do believe there will be a return to wet winters after drought. It can take some time... nature won't be rushed, but I have to always believe there is a turn around. We just have to adapt in the meantime, and wait. As hard as it is.

    I will continue to send hopes, thoughts and wishes to the Universe for a break in the drought that your beautiful corner of the world is experiencing, dear Victoria. It will happen, we have to believe that.

  3. Dear Victoria - the colors in this photo are simply beautiful. I am sorry there is no snow but not sure what normal weather is for any of us these days. I am praying that you get more moisture soon. Hugs!

  4. What a gorgeous color! So glad you looked up!


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