Monday, March 30, 2015

A Quote for Monday

"Go down to Kew in lilac time, in lilac time, in lilac time,
Go down to Kew in lilac time (it isn't far from London!)  A. Noyes

Well, these lilacs are a long, long ways from London, but I bet they smell just as sweet.  Maybe sweeter; there isn't any pollution up here to compete with their lovely scent. 

They're also blooming 2 months ahead of when they used to bloom, but I guess everything is off schedule during this crazy spring.  With the tiny amount of rain they received this past five years, I'm so very grateful that they're blooming at all! 

I sat out on the porch this evening and listened to the birds sing their good night songs to each other, sipped my cup of hot tea and breathed in the lilac-scented air.  Even with the drought, it's such a blessing to live up in these mountains.


  1. Wow, lilacs already! I love that fragrance.

  2. Oh Victoria, you do live in a wonderful realm. You conjure up such a warm image with your words.
    The drought will break one day - take heart.
    I envy your breathing in the scent of lilacs.
    Sadly, there are none here. And the garden centre hybrids do not have a sweet scent like the wild ones.

  3. Oh how lovely! I think I need some lilacs!


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