Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Snow Birds

Another Steller's Jay...
A spotted Towhee...   
A Goldfinch...  
and a Chickadee.  I'm always amazed, and grateful, at how well the littlest birds do in snow!  The snow has melted off the trees now, but there's still a good amount on the ground.   I sure hope this isn't our only good snow storm of the season. 


  1. Hi Victoria,
    What beautiful birds! The spotted Towhee is new to me.. Very sweet bird. Oh yes, you know, chickadees just make me smile.
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. Cute! I hope they have enough food!

  3. Dear Victoria - love seeing your fine feathered friends. Hope you have lots more snow too.

  4. These are gorgeous shots of stunning birds!!
    The dusky blue breast of the Steller's Jay is adorable - gets me every time :)

    I used to think that birds "sort of" hibernated in the coldest snowy winters of the Northern Hemisphere - excuse my SH ignorance, lol.
    But, obviously, they need to feed their wee bodies... no fat to sustain them.

    Nature is amazing.


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