Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday's Winding Road

This was taken coming out of Two Mile Road (Hwy 173) turning onto Highway 18 in February of 2013.  All the snow from our wonderful storm earlier this month is gone...I suppose there might be some left in Big Bear.  I know there's snow on the ski runs because our lows have been very, very cold.  Well, until the last couple of nights.  And our high today was 61 degrees!  In January!!  I hate Global Warming.


  1. Oh, and I wished you would get more snow :(

    I hate it too. We've had unseasonably hot early summer temperatures, making it difficult to bear at times - especially for dear old Jack.
    We've had temps over 110°F one day, then plummeting down 86° overnight, then back up again the following days.

    Bushfires are raging in parts of the country.

    I wish the summer over already.

  2. What a wonderful picture! Who put all the icing sugar there? :P


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