Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating a Little Early

Miss La Fleur had a fine time pulling the slices of sweet potatoes and pecan pieces out of the plastic pumpkin I gave her. I always leave out raw peanuts for them at night, but I gave her this pumpkin with an ulterior motive; I thought I would get some pictures of her pulling the goodies out of it. It was too dark, though, for my camera to capture motion and I didn't want to use the flash because it would disrupt her night vision. So, I'll just have to be content with this blurry photo. That, and knowing that she really enjoyed her treat!


  1. How wonderful to live somewhere that you can have such close contact with so many wonderful creatures!! :-)

  2. I think she is very cute. I'm glad she enjoyed the treat you left her.

    Blessings, V.

  3. Shimmerlings, it is wonderful...I feel very blessed.

    Vivienne, I wish I could have gotten a good enough photo of her darling little face as she pulled out her treats for you could see. She looked so happy!

  4. really missed these posts so refreshing


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