Friday, October 14, 2011

Faeries Friday? Not Exactly...

It's more like 'Frazzled Friday.' These four kittens, five weeks old, are wearing me out! I had to bring them inside because their mother, Mrs. Anna Murphy, one of the ferals I've been feeding for about 2 years, brought them right to the door and left them there. I kept waiting and waiting to see if she would come back, but she didn't. She knows I brought them inside; she watched me do it. She hasn't called for her kittens like mothers who have lost kittens, and she watches me feed them by sitting in the branch of the tree outside the kitchen window. It's very strange, and I wish I could catch her to have her checked to make sure she's all right, but she has never let me near her. I can only guess that, for some reason, she is unable to feed them and, somehow, knew that I would take good care of them.

This is little Chet, the smallest boy.

This is little Sophia, the smallest girl.

Here's Max, the largest boy. Doesn't he look sweet and innocent? Don't be fooled!

Sophia on the left and Stella, the largest girl, on the right.

I feed them every three hours, round the clock, and it's exhausting. They're doing very well (knock on wood) after a bit of a rocky start. As you can see, Max likes to climb...

On me! And, eeeeeowww, he likes to bite!

Oh no, now he's encouraging Stella, Chet and Sophia to join him..

Eeeeeyowwww! Stella, pull those claws in! Sophia, don't climb mommie's leg, it hurts. At least Chet is being good.

But not Max. OWWWW! I think he's going for my jugular. I keep telling them, "I am NOT a cat toy, I am NOT a cat toy," ......... but I don't think they're listening!

(I apologize for the terrible quality of the photos. I think my camera is dying, it's losing one function after another).


  1. Oh my, they are all so cute. bless you for taking them in and being a moomy to them.

    blessings, V.

  2. They are absolutely beautiful. They look like little imps, full of playfulness. It sounds like the mother cat knew what she was doing by bringing her babies to you. How lucky they are that you took them in.

  3. So incredibly cute !!! They look so sweet. The mom knew you would take really good care of them. Maybe she doesn't know how to ??
    Have a magical day.

  4. Oh gosh, they are so precious! Taking care of kittens that young is so difficult. I work in pet retail and a lot of people come in not realizing the amount of time they need to put in in order for the kittens to survive. It seems like you're doing a fantastic job, though. Ah! I miss kittens! Mine is about a year and four months now. I miss her little kitten butt getting into everything...

  5. A smart mama cat to hand those kittens over to someone who'll care for them. Good for you!

  6. Your wee fur babies are sooo pretty. Stella looks so innocent in her picture.
    Hang in there you are doing a wonderful thing.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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