Monday, October 17, 2011


I can't believe it's already October 17. Why does this month always go by so, so fast? As fast as a golden October leaf blown by on a gust of Autumn wind, that's how fast this month seems to fly.

We're having warm days, but the nights are cool enough for small fires in the living room and studio fireplaces. That's Georgie in the photo above enjoying the fire. Until we've had more rain, I'll only use the logs that are made of - well, I'm not sure what they're made of, but they don't send sparks spiraling out of the chimneys like real wood does.

Oh, October... with your sapphire blue sky filled with the orange, red and gold confetti of flying leaves, the scent of apples, pine trees and tang of wood smoke, your cool nights with firelight flickering on the hearth while, out in the October scented dark, the breeze whispers of magic passing by and magic yet to come...won't you stay?


  1. This time of year is so beautiful!! The contrast of the blue blue sky and those yellow/orange/red leaves is spectaular! I wish we had a fire place they are so cozy!

  2. I wish I was Georgie curled up in front of that warm fire. The colros and smells of Autumn make me feel so wonderful, so alive. Thank you for sharing you beautiful words on this gloriuos season.

    Blessings, V.

  3. The fire looks so inviting. Love the way you've decorated for fall.

  4. Your decorations look marvelous. I love the colours and scents of autumn.

  5. Misty, I agree, fireplaces are cozy.

    Vivienne, so often I look at the cats curled up in front of the fire and wish that I could shrink myself down to their size so that I could curl up there, too.

    Maddyrose and OC, I'm glad you liked the way I decorated.


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