Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finally, Rain

It rained all day yesterday!  Real rain, the kind I could see and hear, not just mist gathering on trees and dripping off.  I had the first real wood fire of the season; I'd been afraid to burn real wood because of the forest fire danger.  It snowed, just a couple of inches, during the night but melted when the sun touched it.  I'm too superstitious to say definitely that the fire season is over for this year, but I'm hoping it's over, done, gone.


  1. How wonderful! An early Halloween blessing!

  2. Victoria - so glad you got rain and I too hope the fire season is gone. A wood fire is so cozy. Thanks for sharing your good news.

  3. So happy it has rained, and hope the fire season is over for this year on your mountain, Victoria.
    Breathe the cool-ness :)


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