Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I love dressing up on Halloween; tons of makeup, a wig and those wonderful orange lights that make me look like I have a tan, plus they do a great job of erasing wrinkles :D

Come in, sit by the fire and get warm (watch out for the pumpkins, sometimes they bite).

Have some cookies...

Or other treats....

Uh oh...the head witch says her crystal ball is telling her it's time to fly! 

Gloria (left) and Stella (right) agree and...

So does Merlin. 

Wishing (or 'witching') everyone a great Halloween!


  1. Wowness..what a super magical post! Your table settings and decor is so radiant, warm and enchanting and! I love sweet Merlin..awww! and gorgeous picture of look dazzling!
    Wishing you a beatiful Halloween!
    Blessings kindred, thanks for this inspiring tribute!

  2. HAppy Halloween! (You look MAHvelous!)

  3. Victoria, thank you!

    Vicki, I'm telling ya, it's the orange lights :D

  4. Aah lovely lovely, looking at these pics regret not starting my US trip a little earlier. Halloween would have been so much fun.

  5. I think you look good in any light, Victoria - it's the eyes that project a beautiful "old" soul.
    I love your fantastic feline familiars too ;)

    Hope you a a wonderfully witchy Halloween, Victoria!
    I had a pang of sadness that nothing Halloween at all was celebrated over here.


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