Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Sunsets and Sisters

I took this on November 4, 2009, out on the rim (Highway 18) at about the 3,000 foot level looking southeast towards Redlands.  It's hard to believe that under that orange haze there are millions of people living ... and breathing in that smoggy crud, my sister among them.  I used to bring her up here a lot, but I can't do that anymore because of a small stroke she had several years ago.  Her doctor said she can't have any signifigant changes in altitude.  Other than that though, it hasn't slowed her down much.  I'd drive down and visit her tonight, but she's out on a date.  Oh, did I mention she's in her 80's?  And, she needs a hearing aid but refuses to wear one because she says, "Who can look sexy wearing a hearing aid?" 

I hope I'm just like her if I'm lucky enough to live to her age!


  1. Your sister sounds like a wonderful girl with cheek and spunk to spare. I love her attitude :)
    What a stunning photo!
    Amazing how the smog inversion layer goes only so far, blanketing everything below.
    Happy for you and your woodland creatures that the air is wonderfully clearer.
    It's sad that your sister can't get up to you more often to take in your magic mountain air - what a tonic.

  2. Vicki..."cheek, spunk," attitude, sass are all good words to describe my sister,lol. I'm glad you liked the photo, thanks!

  3. Dear Victoria - first a gorgeous photo - and it is hard to believe people live under that haze. As for your sister - imagine 80 and still dating. I am sure you will follow in her footsteps. She sounds like my kind of gal!

  4. What a photo -- and what a woman!

  5. Debbie and Vicki, glad you liked the photo, thanks! Debbie, she just started dating again two years ago, a year or so after her husband of many years passed on.

    Vicki, you're right - she is a woman to emulate!


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