Monday, November 4, 2013

A Quotation for Monday (And a Mrs. Rose Update)

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."  John Bunyan

This is Mrs. Rose, (upper part of photo), and one of her babies (she had four, all are doing well); notice how much shorter little one's tail is than her mother's tail.  The bowl is only six inches across and the baby fits completely inside of it with one of her siblings when they want to do so.  Mrs. Rose doesn't even put her front feet in the bowl, just her head.  I took this back at the end of September when (I'm guessing) they were about five or six weeks old.  They come with their mama to eat every night but the babies are very shy of the flash on the camera, so this is the only photo I have taken.  They're quite a bit bigger now! 

I guess, for me, that quote isn't completely accurate because I get so much happiness just from seeing the animals that I feed and knowing that they're all right, that I'm more than repaid. 


  1. Oh! You have just made my day Victoria!! Truly.
    I've been thinking of Mrs Rose and am SO glad to hear the good news and see this photo!
    Send her a congratulations from me when you see her again - sweet dear wee creatures :)
    I am sighing deeply.

    Yes, you are more than repaid, and very blessed to be visited by these beauties.

    Thank you for the photo and update xx

  2. Who are what is Mrs. Rose? I can’t work it out.

  3. Victoria - this photo is let me ask how is the smell?? I know the baby wouldn't have too much of a scent but Mrs.Rose might!! They are adorable in spite of their pungent odor though - thanks for making me smile today.

  4. What beauties! We have skunks around but, because of the dogs, they mostly stay away from the house.

  5. What beauties! We have skunks around but, because of the dogs, they mostly stay away from the house.

  6. Vicki, I told Mrs. Rose you said, "Congratulations!" She said, "Thank you very much, I think my babies are beautiful, too." ;)

    Debbie, they usually don't spray near my cottage; one exception was when a skunk and a raccoon were arguing over the food bowl and the skunk sprayed the raccoon. Some of the spray got onto the porch and it took some doing to get it out, but I finally prevailed. Now I feed the skunks and raccoons in different areas.

    Vicki L, I'll pass on your compliment to Mrs. Rose, she'll be pleased ;)


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