Monday, November 18, 2013

A Quotation for Monday

"What will it take to become a society that praises those who care?  That honors kindness more than success?  That teaches children to love the earth more than to accumulate its products?  I suspect we will need to listen to different elders - not the ones who promised wealth but the ones who taught compassion."  Linda Hogan


  1. Oh, I've missed so many of your lovely posts, Victoria.
    So happy to read that you are getting wonderful rain! Your magical mountain, and all who dwell there, are safe :)

    This quote makes my heart heavy. I have asked these very questions myself and don't know where the answer lies.
    Our society (well, much of it) seems so hell-bent on accumulating wealth and "stuff". And are so busy in doing so, that the children, though most not wanting for anything (material that is), are not learning the true lessons of life, love and compassion. Honour and values that make a character strong, yet humble and respectful and kind.

    I shudder so much at what I read and see, that I now avoid the news altogether.

    Indeed we, and our children, need to listen to the elders, custodians of the land, and learn - before it's too late, and there is no one left to learn from.

  2. Dear Victoria - such a wonderful quote. We have certainly not been good stewards with this earth that God gave us. I pray that things will change. Love those leaves my friend. Take care and have a lovely day.

  3. I don't watch the news anymore, either, Vicki. It's just too harrowing. And you're spot on about the children.

    Debbie, I'm glad you liked the photo and the quote.


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