Friday, November 22, 2013

Faeries Friday - Nevicata and Her Friends

Nevicata (means "snowfall" in Italian) must have gotten tired of sledding on various things in my studio, because she called her friends,

Neve ("snow" in Italian) 

and Blanche and asked them to call all their snow faery friends to make it snow here.  It worked!  There's about six inches on the ground right now, and it's supposed to snow all night long and into tomorrow!  It rained all Wednesday night, Thursday and part of Thursday night, then turned to snow.  Every rain drop and snow flake is a blessing, and all of us who live up here are so, so very grateful. 


  1. Sweet frost tipped fae.
    Blanche looks gorgeous sitting on her snowball, her cute face peeping out from her hood.

    Would love to see a pic of your tree fully decked in Christmas delights, Victoria.
    Is it placed near your brick hearth?

  2. These faeries are on the tree in my studio, Vicki. The tree near the brick hearth is in the house. To see the inside of my studio, scroll down to the bottom of my sidebar (if you have time) and click on the "Where Bloggers Create" badge.

    Glad you liked the faeries!

  3. I had a look - I'm impressed and in love with your studio, Victoria!
    What a stunning place to create! No wonder your artwork is so lovely.
    Sigh, I'd like to be a faery and hang out with the other faeries at your studio... Halloween and Christmas all year? Joy :)


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