Saturday, April 26, 2014

Roses and Snow

I was down in Crestline yesterday visiting a friend, and she told me about this incredible rose she had their water company, of all places!  So we drove over to it and, sure enough, the rose was incredible.  The poor thing has powdery mildew and several other problems, but it was blooming proudly anyway. 

By the time I drove home the clouds were rolling in and the temperature was dropping rapidly.  Our low last night was 25 and we had howling winds plus a mix of snow, rain, and sleet.  I talked to my friend today and she said they just had rain and wind down in Crestline, but I keep wondering how that rose fared.  That roses are blooming anywhere in these mountains in April is astonishing! 


  1. Poor, valiant little rose. Reminds me very much of the "Double Delight" rose.

    They are incredible plants. Enduring the most hostile conditions, and sometimes flower best under stress.

    Would the water company be willing to let you or your friend have/buy it? Seeing as it's not too well cared for?
    Imagine how the bush would reward someone who loved it, with generous and beautiful blooms.

    I tend to feel sad whenever I see roses neglected in public places.

    Speaking of rose - poor Mrs. Rose pregnant again?
    At least she has you, Victoria, to look out for her and provide sustenance when her nutritional resources are low.

  2. I don't know, Vicki, but that's a good idea; I'll ask.

    Yes, I feel so bad for all the wild mothers, especially now in this time of climate change. Instead of having one litter a year, they have multiple litters. I wish someone would invent some sort of birth control that I could slip into their food.

  3. What a beautiful rose Victoria...your weather has certainly been up and down. Imagine roses blooming this early and then being covered with snow. Definitely strange. I hope it survived as well. Thanks for sharing dear.

  4. Glad you liked the rose, Debbie. I think (am afraid) that strange weather might be the new normal around here. Right now it's 60 degrees!

  5. A beautiful rose, indeed -- perhaps the water company would let you take a cutting for propagation.


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