Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Sunlight

This is a Cornus florida dogwood tree, which is not native in the west.  Several years ago I bought it from the nursery and planted it in a sheltered spot close to the house, which is why I think it is thriving even though it's supposed to be hardy only to zone 5, according to the USDA plant hardiness map.  I live in zone 4.  (The post below has a photo of the Cornus nuttallii dogwood blossom, which is endemic from British Columbia to the mountains of Southern California).


  1. I am entranced by the Dogwood.
    And, as it's not native to this country, it is even more exotically enticing.
    Always happy to see beautiful images of them here at your blog, Victoria.
    And this is especially lovely.

  2. The dogwood blooms are lovely! We don't have dogwood trees here, but we're still waiting for the crabapples etc. to come into bloom. I've been catching up with your last few posts, and have enjoyed them all. I'm sorry to hear that your pretty grey Georgie passed away. It's hard to loose a favourite pet, and I'm familiar with that silence the house holds when a furry friend is no longer padding around. Hope your week is full of springtime blooms :) Wendy x

  3. Dear Victoria - this is a different type of dogwood. Very lovely. I hope you had a great Easter week-end.

  4. Wendy, thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed my posts. And thank you gave me the idea for todays's post!

    Debbie and Suz, I'm glad you enjoyed the photo!


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