Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sunlight

I finally got outside for a bit today.  I've had some sort of semi-nasty stomach bug since Thursday.  It's leaving, but oh sooooo slowly.  My friend had it about two weeks ago, so I'm guessing it was a gift (although I know it wasn't one she would have wanted to give) from her.  Hers lasted about six days, so I'm hopeful mine will be gone soon, since I'm feeling a bit better every day.  And, daffodils always cheer me up!


  1. So sorry to read that you've been unwell, Victoria. I'm glad that you're feeling a little better, day by day.
    I so agree, daffodils are among the cheeriest of flowers. Little cups of sunshine that brighten any day.

    Wishing you a gentle return to wellness, as you heal and recover.
    Chamomile, peppermint & ginger tea is very soothing and medicinal. Blueberries too. And, crampbark helps greatly in softening any stomach spasms and pain - although, yours are probably mostly over by now.
    I imagine you are well versed in herbal knowledge, so you would know these remedies, and more.

  2. We had the stomach bug "gift" around these parts, too. First the Little Princess and then me; not fun!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. wowness...what a gorgeous and vibrant daff!! Love the magical yellow...wonderful! Hugs, hoping you feel all sparkling and bright real soon..get better my friend!

  4. Beautiful shot of the daffodil -- I hope the nasty bug has gone now.

  5. Beautiful shot of the daffodil -- I hope the nasty bug has gone now.


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