Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Yesterday was a gorgeous day, very windy, but gorgeous.  Overnight, it seems, the apple trees' blossoms burst open. 

My orchard is not tidy, nor do I prune the trees or thin out the growing apples just so I can have bigger apples, although I do rake under the trees every autumn before I put down mulch.  I just can't cut them, much the same as I cannot bring myself to pick flowers. 

I know it sounds silly, but I feel like I'm hurting them.  The trees like to grow this way, so why not let them be happy?  They certainly make me happy. When the apple trees absolutely have to be pruned for their health, I hire someone and hover over them to make sure they prune only what is necessary.  I'm always being told I could get a bigger crop and prettier apples if I used pesticides and pruned every winter.  Pesticides!?  Never.

I think the apples my trees give me are beautiful, small though they are.  Some are bug bitten...so what?  Bugs have to live too.  Some are oddly shaped, but they still taste just as sweet-tart, crisp and juicy as the perfectly formed ones.  I always have plenty to give family and friends, plenty for the deer, bears, skunks and raccoons, and plenty for myself and my husband. 

What more could one ask?


  1. I'am just like you ....... just want to let the plants grow how they were 'meant' to grow. Hubby on the other hand likes things neat and trimmed...... He's a Virgo and i'm a Cancer ..... if that explains anything....lol..... When it was tree trimming time i'd hover like a mother hen..... second guessing every cut... 'Are you SURE we have to cut that one?' 'Yes dear i need to be able to get under the branches to cut the grass..... lol..... Hugs! deb

  2. So beautiful.and such lovely thoughts! I feel the same too, I even talk to my plants/trees and ask them to guide me when I approach them and my intention is only to keep their growth/health in harmony with their true nature! It is so wonderful to respect and honor nature as you do! Gorgeous photos!!
    Happy Spring kindred!

  3. I like your thinking :) I find the smaller fruits always have a stronger taste anyway. I've always loved apple blossoms with their delicate pink hues. Nice to see them blooming ... no blossoms here yet. Wendy x

  4. Deb, I think the astrological signs that we are born under do have some influence on our personalities, so maybe that does explain your approach to pruning vs. your husbands.

    Victoria, I talk to mine, too. I'm happy you liked the photos, thanks.

    Wendy, I'm sure your blossoms are on their way!

  5. I believe the same, Victoria.
    Plenty. Enough. Such pure good hearted sentiments, sharing your bounty with the wildlife.
    So lovely to see these beautiful blossoms in the spring sunshine. Just lovely.

    We used to have an old apple tree by our back door in the country. A venerable dear old soul who was almost 100 years old, with gracefully gnarled trunk and branches.
    We honoured that tree, never pruned him and were gifted with large delicious "heritage" cooking apples - which were shared with the possums, birds and insects.

    Imagine my dismay and ensuing tears when I heard that the people who bought the place after us, had the dear old tree chopped down to extend their carport.
    So very heart sad.

  6. You sound so much like me in all you say. I haven't the heart to pick flowers either. Nor do I harm insects if at all possible. After all they have a right to live as well.

  7. Dear Victoria you are a gal after my own heart. I never use pesticides either. My peaches are not perfect but they are sweeter than honey and they are not poison to eat. Read your latest post and I am hoping these survived the cold.


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