Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Sunlight

It rained last night - hooray!  The clouds were clearing, but everything was still bejeweled with precious rain drops.  Sun through cedar branches in wet air is always a good bet for rainbow sun rays...


  1. *doing a happy rain dance on your behalf!*

  2. Beautiful and hooray rain! Hope it makes everything bloom well for you friend. Take care.

  3. Beautiful rains and then an even more beautiful sunshine which parts away the curtain of clouds and shines through the drops of moisture in the sky.

  4. As if the rain drops themselves were rose coloured. Or, are they the flash of strawberry tinted fairy wings?
    Your dogwood header is stunning, Victoria!

  5. It made the apple trees bloom, Debbie, thanks!

    Yes indeed, Kyra.

    Thanks, Vicki, I'm glad you like the header. Maybe they were the flash of strawberry tinted faery wings!


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