Monday, March 10, 2014

What a Relief!

We got great news about my sister's cancer-related lumpectomy.  The cancer was entirely contained within the lump and hadn't spread!  Her doctors wanted her to have several radiation treatments, to be as safe as possible, but she said she'd think about it.  I know what that means.  But, it's her body, her decision.  She'll be going in for check-ups periodically, so I know they'll be watching out for anything that looks suspicious.  Also, I returned her car keys to her, so she's not mad at me anymore...well, not so much, ha ha.  Yay, yippee, yahoo for everything!  If I sound giddy, I am...or just plain silly from relief about all the good news concerning my precious big sister.

I got more good news in the form of raindrops a few days ago.  Seven inches!  No where near what forecasters had predicted, and not even a drop in the bucket as far as the drought goes, but the trees and plants look very grateful and refreshed, so I'm happy. 

Cherry trees are blooming down in Lake Arrowhead, where I treated myself to a day spent with friends last Thursday.  We went to the spa, got our hair done, had lunch and did some shopping.  I found something I think several little girls (make that princesses) who have birthdays coming up will like:


I'll be sure and tuck a generous amount of spending money inside so their moms won't be mad at me for the "spend it all" part. 

After I got home, I think that everything (or the release from all that stress) caught up with me.  I got a terrible migraine and stayed in bed for the next three days.  Well, as "in bed" as it gets with me...animals in the house and outside still need to be fed, no matter how I feel. I'm feeling much better now.  I'll go round tomorrow to catch up on blogs...


  1. Such good news for your sister, and a great relief for you. You deserved your pampering day. We too our enjoying seeing the fruit blossom in bloom, and warm sitting out days in my little corner of France. Do you have water containers in as many places as possible for your precious plants ? Enjoy your days now you have that good news.

  2. So glad to hear the good news about your sister. The waiting is such a terrible strain on everyone, so I'm glad that you're past that now. Spending a day with your friends being pampered sounds like the perfect remedy for you! Love the little purse ;) My pets keep me going too ... except they're NOT my pets, they're my kids pets, but I end up caring for them and loving them all! Wendy x

  3. Dear Victoria - Such wonderful news about your sister. I can appreciate too her not wanting radiation. If you read some natural health sites - they really don't think that radiation is the ticket. I am no doctor or expert so I am just sharing what I have read. Glad you got rain and hope it continues for you this spring. Sounds like the pampering was just what you needed - take care and have a beautiful week friend.

  4. It is SO nice to read such joyful words here, Victoria.
    So very happy to read about your sister. I must admit, if I were in her shoes, I'd do the same in regards the radiation.

    And, very pleased that you felt ready to have a girls day out - great therapy.

    The migraine was probably your body "releasing". Glad you feel better.
    Happy spring on your mountain! Smiles all 'round :)

  5. So glad you are feeling better ... happy to hear the good news about your sister. Sounds to me that you have much to be grateful for. I like the sound of a day at the spa and shopping for some special someones ... you do know how to treat yourself well. Your posts are always uplifting ... so glad I stopped by ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Oh, lots of good news! May the rains continue and your big sister thrive!


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