Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's Winding Road

Spring is here, but in a very odd way.  The same varieties of trees, right next to each will be putting out new little leaves, another tree will have larger leaves, and some won't have any at all.  Very strange. The cherry trees are starting to blossom, but my apple trees don't have any blossoms at all.  I'm afraid they might not blossom this year, and that would mean no apple harvest this fall.  The seven inches of rain we got at the end of last month was great, but we haven't had any rain since then.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed though, because our rainy season extends through May.  Well, it used to...I'm hoping it still does, but, these days, who knows?

I noticed some tiny little flower buds on the lilacs and dogwoods, so I'm hoping for rain but no hard freezes.  I was afraid we'd have no lilac and dogwood blooms this year, but maybe we'll get a few thanks to that rain in February.  And, a few is better than none!

Some cherry blossoms that will probably be open by tomorrow:


  1. Beautiful iridescent green as the sun shines through the leaves. Such a peaceful image.

    Wishing gentle rains very soon, that carry on into May.
    You're so lucky to have wild blossoms that herald the coming of spring.
    I hope there are many frothy trees all around your mountain soon, Victoria.

  2. Praying you will get more rain soon...the apple harvest is so vital to all over the country. The climate change is certainly changing the weather everywhere. We are still having polar vortexes coming down from the north keeping our spring from coming like usual. Will be looking forward to your dogwoods blooming. Love seeing your great greens...we are still brown here. Take care and have a good week-end.

  3. In a way, your trees have reminded me of people and how we react differently to the weather--especially the current state of the weather. Some of us flourish during the long winter while others (me, for instance), find themselves wondering about the blooms.

  4. Tú esperando la primavera y nosotros ya entramos en otoño, donde las hojas se vuelven rojas y se caen y sólo florecen las flores perennes.
    Así es el mundo, su ciclo no falla.
    Saludos desde Chile

  5. Vicki, thank you for your rain wishes, we're all hoping they come true...

    Debbie, I hope spring comes to your part of the earth soon and makes it green and beautiful.

    Magaly, I love winter and, even though I've been bemoaning the lack of any sort of winter here in California this year, I remember how I used to feel after an especially long, cold winter...I was longing for spring blooms!

    Eugenia Maru, gracias, espero que esten disfrutando una hermosa caida!


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