Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rain, Wonderful Rain

Thank you for all of your good rain wishes; they worked!  Please, don't stop wishing for rain for California yet, though...

I spent the day in my studio, listening and watching the rain.  If you look closely when you enlarge the photo, you'll be able to see a few streaks of rain and drops on the cherry blooms and leaves.  It was raining hard when I took this from inside my studio, but, try as I might, my camera just wouldn't capture the rain properly.

 It rained all last night and we had terrible howling winds (gusts of 90 mph) but today the winds went away to make mischief somewhere else and the rain stopped blowing sideways.  Listening to it last night I was sure all the cherry blossoms would be gone today, but they're still here (knock on wood, as my mom used to say).  They weren't even harmed by the hail and sleet.  Neither were the emerging Pacific dogwood flowers:

I love how they emerge a bright, lime green; it's like they're shouting, "Yay!  Spring is here and so are we!"  They slowly, as they become bigger, turn a light cream color.

I spent most of the day alternately enjoying the sight of rain, the sound of rain singing along with the crackling of the fire and cleaning my studio (which I didn't enjoy so much, but it really needed it).  I finally hooked up my pretty, antique-style phone which is a land-line phone.  I previously had a portable phone, but I got tired of it not working every time the power went out.  My cell phone is useless up at the studio; well, cell phones are useless in a lot of areas up here in the mountains. 

Now I'm going to sit by the fire and listen to the rain and drink a cup of tea...come have a cup with me!


  1. So glad the rain came for you. When I saw that it came with howling gales, the first thing I thought of was the blossom but thankfully it survived. I love your antique phone. We too have problems with phone lines & cell phones are a No ! No! When we have visitors staying in our cottage, the first thing we hear from them is 'my mobile phone doesn't work '.... 'so what' is my reply, 'your on holiday, if it's so important, take a walk till you can find a signal, this is the country not the city'

  2. Dear Victoria - so glad for your rain and I am coming right over to have a cup of wonderful tea with you by the fire. As for your phone - it is gorgeous - it would make a great subject for a still life.

  3. Oh, wish that I could, Victoria. The fire looks so inviting as our days get chilly. Your home and studio always are so very cosy.
    And, your telephone is the best! I would love one like that, instead of our old clapped out and quite frankly, ugly, portable home phone.
    Your antique style fits right in at your place. Classical.

    So Happy you have rain! I've crossed fingers and toes and squeezed my eyes tight for you and all the sweet inhabitants of your forests.
    It seems the blossoms, which might look fragile, are made of sterner stuff than let winds and hail damage them.
    Here's wishing an abundant bounty on your mountain!

    How's Mrs. Rose and her brood? Have you seen her lately?
    The thought of her makes my heart soften. I've become quite attached to her from afar :)

  4. I'm glad to hear you got your much needed rain ... I'm sure the flowering trees are sighing with relief as well. Let's hope it continues for a while yet. We have finally warmed up enough to get some rain replacing the snow now. It's a nice change. I'm still looking for something ... anything ... to be coming up from the ground. Enjoy your weekend :) Wendy x

  5. Thank you, Barbara. I have that same problem when company stays; they're just shocked that we don't have cell service!

    Debbie I really enjoyed having a cup of tea with you! ;) Thanks, you're right, the phone would make a nice still life...maybe with a pair of antique lace gloves beside it.

    Vicki, I wish you could, too! Thank you, I found the phone at, of all places, a lamp store and it was on sale! I just couldn't resist. I see Mrs. Rose and her brood of four just about every evening. Shame on me, I just haven't taken any photos.

    Wendy, thank you. I hope you see some green soon!


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