Friday, March 28, 2014


Yes, plural.  We've had four earthquakes in the space of twenty-five minutes, the largest being 5.3 on the Richter Scale.  Here, the largest one felt like a giant stamped his foot, causing a big jolt, then it turned into a rolling, shaking motion for about 30 seconds which was accompanied by a rumbling sound.  It was felt over such a wide area of Southern California for a relatively mid-sized quake that I'm wondering if it wasn't a really shallow one; that is, one that's located relatively close to the surface of the earth instead of miles below.  Thank goodness, no reports of any one hurt, just a bit of damage to stuff being knocked off store shelves, etc.  All my stuff stayed put this time. 

Or, maybe that Acorn Woodpecker was just pecking a little too vigorously earlier! 

Rockin' and rollin' on a Friday night in So we know how to have a good time or what? :D 

Updated at 10:20 - we've now had a total of seven earthquakes.  This makes me nervous, although I know it's not unusual.  Several years ago Palm Springs was having around thirty earthquakes a day, but they were very small in magnitude, under 2.0.  And, now Dr. Lucile Jones, with the USGS, is saying that we could have a much larger earthquake within a few hours or days.  I'm going to go 'round the house and check to make sure that the earthquake wax, a very sticky substance that's great for holding objects on shelves and pictures on walls during an earthquake, is still sticky enough to do a good job.  Especially that large painting over the bed.

Earthquakes, fires, floods, mudslides, tsunamis...if anyone ever discovers the original Native American name for California I bet the meaning of the name will be,  Don't Live Here!


  1. I'm in Rancho Cucamonga and I only felt the big one.

  2. I've only ever felt one earthquake here, which originated deep in Lake Ontario. But we felt it rumble through the house and the loud grumbling noise was incredible. I wouldn't want to experience any more. I hope that a little wax is all you need to get through any more undamaged. Hang on! Wendy x

  3. Well you know i'm in the central valley .......we've lived here two years now and i have not felt one.... well that may not be true but that is up for debate... One night we were sitting watching TV and you know that feeling you get when a car goes by and its playing its music loud and the base is high? You feel it right in your chest right? Well i had that feeling for several seconds but didn't hear any music..... looked over at hubby he didn't say anything so i didn't either but i did look at the time and remembered it....... The next day i noticed there had been an earthquake not too far from us about that same time.... do you think that slight rumble i felt in my chest might have been an earthquake? Nothing shook or anything in the house just that feeling.....?
    I will keep you in my thoughts my friend and hope everything will be fine.. Hugs! deb

  4. Yikes! I can't even imagine. There have been small earthquake recorded in NC -- I've never experienced one though. But hurrah for your rain! May it continue!

  5. Seven! Incredible. You do live in one of the most fascinating parts of the world, Victoria.
    Earthquake wax. That's a thing?
    I hope there'll be no need for anymore, and that the earth plates beneath settle back down again.

    We've had a few, but not quite so big, or in quick succession.
    I read here, that an ancient volcano is "waking from its slumber", but not to worry, it would be many thousands of years before the area became of concern.

    Did you notice any unusual behaviour with with the animals before or between the quakes?
    Fascinating stuff, I find, although unnerving.

  6. Wow, Denise, that's weird.

    Wendy, I never knew Ontario, Canada, had experienced an earthquake! That must have felt very strange to you.

    Deb, I'm sure what you felt was an earthquake.

    Miss Vicki, I hope you never experience an earthquake!

    Vicki, yes, earthquake wax is really a thing, lol. It's sold under the names "Earthquake Wax," "Museum Gel," "Quakehold," etc. A lot of crystal and china shops use it as it prevents things from being knocked over, but, with a slight bit of twisting, the thing you've secured can be moved to another spot.

    Several of my cats became quite frightened during the quakes. Georgie is my 1 second earthquake warning cat...he starts yowling about a second before it hits. He didn't today, though, because they were all running around...well, now that I think about it, I wonder if they've been able to feel all the aftershocks and that's why they've been so abnormally hyperactive today. Hmmm...

  7. Dear Victoria - I can't imagine how scary that is living with the possibility of the earth shaking so much. We have small ones from time to time but in my lifetime nothing major. Stay safe.


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