Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Waiting for Rain

And for good news about my sister.  She's over eighty years old, and during her last mammogram, a lump was found.  Various tests were done that showed it was cancer.  She had a lumpectomy last Thursday.  Her doctors feel confident that they were able to get all of it, since they also removed the main lymph node under her left arm.  I've been with her since last Thursday, but she's been watching the news.  The newscasters here are making the coming storm sound like we'll get huge amounts of rain at the lower elevations and four to five feet of snow up here.  I just can't believe we'll get that much, since the news people tend to exaggerate most things.  She was so nervous about me being able to get home (she is the Queen of Worrying, even though I pointed out that I've been driving mountain roads since I was sixteen in every kind of weather) that I finally said I would come home this afternoon.  She's doing great, so I felt confident leaving her by herself.  Also, her property manager, Arturo, lives with his family on the grounds, so she has someone nearby to call if she needs help.  He and his wife, Rosalinda, are some of the best, kindest, people on this earth.  What worried me, really worried me, is that she might try to drive, which she's not supposed to do for another four days. She doesn't have a great record when it comes to taking doctors' advice.  I made sure the pantry was stocked up with anything and everything she could possibly want so she has no need to go out, and asked Rosalinda to check in on her every so often.

Now I'm going to settle down in front of the fire and wait for the rain...and the irate phone call from my sister telling me she can't find her car keys.  Gosh, I wonder where they could be?


  1. Oh that dratted word 'cancer'. All over the world there is someone, somewhere in someones family or a dear friend who is touched by it. It's here in my family. So my thoughts & prayers are with you, for a speedy recovery for you sister. On a lighter thought,the much needed rain is finally coming your way. I wish I could send some of ours your way. I think I have a good idea where your sisters car keys could be !!!

  2. Barbara, I'm so sorry to hear that it is troubling your family, too. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, you and yours are in mine, too.

    Rain drops are falling right now, yay! Such a lovely, lovely sound.

    I think you're right about my sister's car keys ;-)

  3. Hello dear Victoria
    It's really hard waiting on the side line, we can only be supportive and there when they need us.
    My 36yr niece has just been told she has advanced bowel cancel... she is the same age as my daughter and has a 12yr old daughter.
    I just hope and pray that she can be saved and come through this.
    Sending you heartfelt prayers for your sister - be strong Victoria.
    I'll stay in touch
    sending BIG HUGS
    Shane xox

  4. You are a good sister ... even in your slyness, you do well for her. I wish her the best in her recovery from the surgery and in her emotional strengthening after such an experience. I hope you do get the snow/rain that you need and yes I agree the newscasters have probably exagerated, but maybe even a portion of what they are predicting will do some good. Be well, Victoria ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Thank you, Andrea, for your good wishes for my sister. It rained lightly for most of last night; you're right, any little bit will do some good.

  6. I had tears in my eyes when I read your post this morning, Victoria.
    I hope that all will be well from now on as your dear sister recovers (and heals) from surgery. She is very fortunate to have such a wonderful, caring sister like you.
    And, what a blessing to have such kind people in Arturo and Rosalinda close by to look after her, should she need anything.
    She is blessed.
    How is she doing today? Planning a road trip when she is once again able to drive? I really like the sound of her. Character and spunk.

    And, my heart lifted at the thought of rain - and possibly snow - on your mountain at last!
    I hope you were able to snuggle into a big armchair and just do nothing more than listen to the beautiful rain.

    So happy for you. xx

  7. Shane, I am so very sorry to hear that your niece has cancer, and at such a young age. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers...thank you for yours for my sister.

  8. Vicki, you're right, she is blessed. We both are. She's not too happy with me right now, but she'll get over that, and in the meantime she's safe.

    It's pouring rain here, yay! No snow, but at this point rain is much better for us.

  9. Ah Victoria - shame shame on you for taking those keys - you made me certainly laugh dear one. Hurray - snow and rain. Answer to so many prayers for all of you out there. God is good. I do know though that the forecasters can be really dramatic. We have Titan on its way this week-end...6-12 inches of snow on the ground by Monday - hope they are wrong. Have a great week-end and I will be praying that your sister does well. Take care and enjoy your snow.

  10. So glad your sister is doing well -- and that you and Rosalinda and Arturo are on hand. And I'm so very glad to hear you're getting rain at last!

  11. So glad to hear that your sister's surgery went well. You are a very kind sister to be there and help her along during her recovery. And how nice that in the thick of it all she's worried for your safety on the roads. Sneaky for taking her car keys ... we did the same for my father when he was ordered not to drive (it didn't go over too well!). Hopefully, she'll accept that it's all because you love her ... enjoy the blazing fire. Wendy x

  12. Hi Victoria,

    I'm just getting around to visiting your blog from the GYBP. Whew, there are lots and lots of them. And I've had great fun reading them all. Still have a ways to go before finishing, though. You caught my attention right away with your love of nature and wonderful photos of it. I am looking forward to more as I'm your newest follower.

    I'm certainly sorry to hear what your sister is going through. It's a blessing that she has you. The missing car keys sounds like something one of my sisters would do. Prayers for her complete recovery. And, look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.



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