Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Sunlight

I think this little guy (or girl) thought he was hiding from me.  I know I was having trouble believing I was actually looking at a February!  Usually they don't show up until April.  I even saw a hummingbird the day before yesterday!  I rushed to put out fresh nectar, but the hummingbird hasn't been back. 

I've been out getting the garden ready because it's been so warm; that's another thing I usually don't do until around the middle or end of April.  I'm not taking the pine needle mulch off the hydrangeas just yet, though, because the nighttime temperatures are still below freezing.  But, our high today was a crazy 60 degrees F. 

No wonder the birds are confused.


  1. Dear Victoria - I know the weather is really changing all over the globe. I am really looking up friend for rain for you out there and all the drought that is growing in California. I do think our birds are cardinals and blue jays are just starting to really show up and they should have been here the first of January (not that they leave) but with all the snow they are generally at the feeders Jan. and Feb. Take care and just to let you know I would trade you my snow for your sunshine if I only could. Take care friend. Hugs

  2. Love the picture of the Robin, Normally we have the Robins all year round but especially in the winter. & now you come to mention seeing yours I realise we haven't seen them here this winter , maybe because it's been so mild and I must add WET very WET, maybe I could send some WET your way !

  3. Wow, that really is crazy weather. I've seen robins here in Ontario in February, but none yet this year. The snow is so thick on the ground, they'd find nothing to eat. I know they like cut up apples though, and will throw that out to them if they arrive too early. Wendy x

  4. Trying hard to shoo our winter weather in your direction...

  5. At the bottom end of the world, we've had a report of a tiny dusting of snow at the foothills yesterday - in the middle of summer - in Australia!! WTF?
    Crazy weather indeed!

    Love the photo of your little robin.

  6. I love robins and they actually showed up two weeks ago here in the pacific northwest-in the midst of frigid weather but I knew it was because spring is almost here!!


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