Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some is Better Than None

(This photo is a close-up of water in the creek in January, 2011).   We received  a tiny smidgen of rain early today that turned into a tiny dusting of snow this evening.  As my Scots friend, Kathy, says, "Some is better than none."  Too true! 

But, right now, more would sure be better.  I'm hoping for a "Miracle March" like we had some years ago.  We received over twelve feet of snow from just one storm!


  1. The news has been mentioning Miracle March here lately. Wouldn't that be nice? But your right some is better than none. Suppose to rain here in the central valley all weekend and i don't think a soul is complaining! :) Rain on! Hugs! deb

  2. I've been praying for rain, too dear!
    It seems to be helping :)

    Teresa in Central California

  3. oooo, that gurgling water looks lovely!
    Lets truly hope that the dusting will be the beginning of more to come.
    "Miracle March" sounds wonderful. I hope your magic mountain has a miracle month, Victoria :)

  4. Dear Victoria - I am praying that Miracle March never knows when the heavens will open up and pour down rain...soon I hope. Take care and have a good week-end.

  5. I hope you soon get the precipitation you need ... but 12 feet of snow?! gosh, that sounds smothering. Wendy x

  6. Twelve feet of snow!?! I'm here complaining about a few inches and little cold.

  7. Deb and Teresa, I heard on the news that you got measurable rain up in your neck of the woods...yay! So Cal wasn't so lucky, but not giving up hope...

    Thank you, Vicki and Debbie.

    Wendy, it was difficult to get around for several days (well, actually it was kind of a nightmare) but eventually the plows got all the roads clear. I have a plow on the front of my huge, old Blazer, so I was able to plow out my driveway and lane to the main road; a lot of folks up here have the same set up. The worst part was shoveling the snow off the roofs. My husband and I took turns, so that helped some.

    Magaly, I'll have to post some pictures of what normal snow storms used to bring us here. A normal snowfall from one storm would be about two to three feet. Oh, do I miss those times!


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