Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day From a Book Addict

I took this photo of a redbud tree ( cultivar Forest Pansy)  last May, and I have been waiting since then for Valentine's Day so I could post it and wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day with red, heart-shaped leaves. 

Yes...I know.  But, I'm a sucker for things like this in nature. 

My Valentine's Day present was a replacement Kindle from Amazon at no charge because I hadn't had the old one for a year before it croaked.  Yippee!  The reason I bought a Kindle in the first place was so that I could (hopefully) find all of my favorite books and have them stored on Kindle in case we have to evacuate for a forest fire.  I don't have room in my car for my books and my animals, and when it comes to that kind of choice the books are going to lose.  Any thing is going to lose, even treasured photos.

BUT...did I get rid of my favorite, and even second favorite, books once I had them on Kindle?  No.  I couldn't bear to part with them.  There's just something magical about holding a book, the scent of a book, and when I open it up (if I've read it before) I can see my favorite characters coming out to greet me.  If I'm reading a book for the first time and it turns out to be a favorite, then I've just made a whole bunch of new friends.  The downside of making these new friends with a Kindle is that I then want to have the actual book so I can add it to my shelves (and shelves, and shelves, and shelves...well, you get the idea) of books.

If it weren't for the threat of wildfires up here I don't think I ever would have bought a Kindle.  But, it's so wonderful to be able to have the best of both worlds! 


  1. I too have a Kindle. a Christmas present, bought for me by my daughter. hmm! Not sure about this technology, I'd still rather have a book to hold in my hand & turn the pages.

  2. I have to admit that I love my Kindle. I especially find holding it while reading in bed a dream (so to speak) and it is very easy on the eyes. Being a librarian, you would think I would have that "romance of print" thing, but strangely, I don't.

  3. I have always loved the Forest Pansy.
    I wanted to plant a Cercis canadensis years ago by our old cottage, but we ended up (sadly) moving before I could.
    Do they grow in the wild on your mountain, Victoria? I'm so envious.
    They are just the most lovely trees. And their red heart shaped leaves are perfect!
    I love your backlit photo here. I zoomed in, and it's such a lovely shot.

    I know what you mean about the something special about "real" books. They are sensory delights in every way. And yes, they are old friends indeed.
    I'd be lost without some of my wonderful collection.
    Your point about having books on a kindle is a very valid one.
    I don't have an e-book, but totally get the reason for having one - a whole bookcase in your hand, amazing!

    So glad your old kindle was replaced at no charge.
    Happy reading :)

  4. Beautiful Valentine picture! I'm glad your Kindle got replaced. They are really handy -- it doesn't have to be an either/ or thing.

  5. Barbara, there's something magic about turning the page.

    Betty, maybe since you're surrounded by books all day, you don't need them at home, too. I agree, Kindles are so easy to read in bed!

    Vicki, sadly the Forest Pansy tree doesn't grow wild up here, but it does thrive with a little coddling. I'm glad you liked the photo, thank you.

    Miss Vicki, thank you. I agree, it doesn't have to be an either/or thing.

  6. I absolutely agree with your feelings about books. The forest pansy is a joy to look at.


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