Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday's Winding Road

I took this last May.  I had stopped my car, gotten out and taken the photo, when a darling yellow lab came galloping up to me.  I put the camera in the car as he joyfully leaped up on me and washed my face.  I was hugging and petting him when his owner came rushing out of a nearby house.  She was yelling, "Stay still and he won't bite you!"  Huh?  Then she noticed that I was hugging him and he was licking me.  She was astounded.  I was astounded that she thought he would bite me...I've never met a lab that wasn't a sweetheart.  We talked awhile and she told me she had just adopted him a few weeks ago to be a watchdog.  I had no doubt he would be a good watchdog, but I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me if he didn't turn out to be the kind of dog she thought he would be. 

The following week she did call me, but it was to tell me she had fallen in love with Sandy and didn't care that he wasn't the killer guard dog the people she adopted him from had told her he was.  She said he was great at "woofing" and that, plus his adorable personality, made it impossible for her to part with him.  I was so glad, but a little sad, just a little, because I had fallen in love with Sandy, too, and was sort of hoping he would get to come be a part of our "fur family." 

I just wish I had remembered to take a picture of Sandy!


  1. Hello Victoria, what a wonderful story.I had 3 generations of adorable female Labrador dogs. The 1st was golden, the next two were black. Each one had a different temperament.Only one could have been a guard dog, she never left my side.But the other two would let anyone in. The golden, my first was like a queen would not jump over a style on our walks, she had to be lifted over. Oh I do miss them all, but each one is stamped on my heart

  2. Labs are wonderful dogs. Very friendly and loveable. I can understand how that lady fell in love with the one she has.

  3. Dear Victoria - what a great story...I am sorry too that the owner wasn't happy with you I have never met a mean lab. They are so sweet. Maybe you should check back to see if she might need a babysitter from time to time (LOL)! Have a great day.

  4. I had a lovely chocolate lab growing up ... "Emily". She was the best dog, not one of the somewhat nutty labs, but quite calm and steady, and loved all-day hikes & trail rides with the horses. She lived to about 14 years. Too bad Sandy worked out for the lady, but you've gotta love a happy ending, right? Wendy x

  5. Barbara, we hold our four-footed loved ones in our hearts forever, don't we.

    I agree, OC.

    Debbie, I might just do that!

    Wendy, you're right, I do love a happy ending.

  6. Wonderful story Victoria. I can just picture you hugging a beautiful lab as he lavished you with kisses :)
    I can understand your connection with Sandy, and your wish that he could become part of your family.

    I too have never known a lab to be angry or aggressive, in any way. It's in their nature to be affable.
    Well, perhaps a dirty look when you haven't got tea on time,lol, but they never hold a grudge for long, and the tail is wagging eagerly again soon enough :)
    I too am glad it all ended happily, but am also a little sad for you - I know your love for animals, and Sandy would have been very happy in your wonderful home too.

    And, my heart always does a little turn when I see the picture of darling little Mrs. Rose's face. Awww.

  7. Thanks, Vicki. I think he would have been happy here, too, but it's great to know he's happy where he is.


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