Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Thrift Store Find...and Drat!

I found this cute little teapot at a thrift shop up here.  I don't think it's antique, or even vintage, but it just spoke to me...really.  It said, "Take me home, I'll brighten up your mantle."  So I did.

When I got home, I made a cup of tea and sat down with my Kindle to read.  DRAT!  It refused to function.  I went to Amazon.com and did all the things the help section said to do, but no luck.  I haven't even had the thing eight months (it is the Kindle Fire HD).  So, I called Amazon and, bless them, they said they would have a new one delivered to me by Thursday, no charge to me since it wasn't even a year old.  I sure hope so.  I was right in the middle of a really good book. 

Thank goodness I couldn't bring myself to get rid of my real books (well, not many of them, anyway).  I just don't feel right if I don't have a book to read!


  1. A cup of tea and nestling into an armchair with a good book - is there nothing more comforting?

    I do like your new, "old" teapot. I'm not surprised it spoke to you, it is very charming.
    Perhaps charmed too. Maybe the fairies wanted you to bring it home. It seems to suit its new home very well :)

  2. I'm afraid you won't find me with one of those electronic readers.... too set in my ways i guess.... The day i can't hold a book in my hand to read is the day i guess i'll stop reading. :) I'm afraid to some extent i'm anti technology. My family is still amazed i have a blog! LOL! Lovely teapot! Now i'm off to read a scary story by Dean R Koontz...Bwwwaahhhahhhahh ! Hugs! deb

  3. Teapot looks very beautiful but sad to hear that is doesn't work out.

  4. Dear Victoria - I have a Kindle too but read very little on it...I just love holding a book and turning the pages. I sincerely hope books will not go away. As for your teapot...it would have called to me as well. Bet it is lovely on your mantle. Stay warm - are you getting some snow now? Hope so.

  5. I couldn't give up books ever! Your cute little teapot looks quite content there on the mantle. I love bringing home things that just fit right in like they were meant to be ;) Wendy x

  6. I love tea pots and thrift stores. This is darling! My hairdresser had the same thing to happen with her kindle and she too got a replacement. Hope you have a good evening.

  7. Love the little tea pot! My first Kindle died mysteriously and Amazon replaced it at once. But it's good to have the 'real' books on hand.

  8. Vicki, maybe they did!

    Deb, I sort of feel the same as you, but I wanted to be able to have all my favs on Kindle in case a forest fire burns down my house.

    Thank you, Weekend Windup.

    Debbie, I too hope 'real' books will never go away. Sadly, we're still not getting any snow or rain.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Blackberry Lane (I just love that title), thank you!

    Miss Vicki, I agree. In fact, your books are some of the ones that I have both on Kindle and in the 'real' version because I love them!


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