Tuesday, June 24, 2014

International Faeries Day

                                           (image by XueDuan)

It's International Faeries Day and I almost forgot!  Although...looking around the Internet I found few references to it.  The most informative one at www.faemagazine.com  said that its a day to celebrate the Fae folk and let them know you believe in them.  No mention of how to do this, but I suppose if you believe in Faeries you'll have enough imagination to figure it out...

I just walked out into the forest with a bowl of honey, set it down and said, "Happy Faeries Day, Faeries...I believe in you!"  I just hope Mrs. Rose and the raccoons leave enough for the fae folk, or vice-versa.  I'm really hoping the raccoons don't get it all.  That's the last thing I need, a bunch of rowdy raccoons on a suger rush high!

Good thing there was no one close enough to hear me talking to the Faeries...;-)


  1. Never heard of International Faeries Day. But i LOVE it! :) I'm sure a gift of honey will let them know you believe in them and like you said if not you made some raccoons VERY happy. :)I'll have to mark that on my calendar. Hmm so my bday is boxed in by the summer solstice and Faerie Day how cool is that?? :) Hugs! deb

  2. Happy International Fae Day, Victoria!

    Honey is perfect. They love sweet... and shiny. Little shiny trinkets always go down well ;)

  3. If you feed them, they will come? Maybe if you put the honey in little acorn caps the fairies will be more likely to get their share. The raccoons probably are snickering behind their little black paws and waiting for you to leave so they can lick that pot clean! Wendy x

  4. Deb, where your birthday is placed is way cool!

    Vicki, that's what I was thinking, too.

    Wendy, that's a wonderful idea! Next year I'll do that and tuck them in the branches that are too small to bear the weight of a raccoon. But, I'll still put a bowl down on the ground, too... :-)


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