Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Sunlight ~ After Solstice Sparkles

Sun sparkles on the waters of Lake Gregory in the San Bernardino mountains of California, the day after the Summer Solstice.  In the Northern Hemisphere the days get shorter from now until the Winter Solstice, when they start to lengthen.  In the Southern Hemisphere, the days are starting to get longer.


  1. I love the summer solstice .....I'am a Fall, Winter, moonchild (Cancer)and i know once i've reached the summer solstice and headed down the other side every day brings me shorter days and longer nights and the promise of Fall.... Lovely photo my bloggy friend!! Hugs! deb

  2. Dear Victoria - what a gorgeous photo. If I lived close to that beautiful spot I would just sit on the shore and never want to move. Thank you for sharing. I hope you are off to a wonderful start to the first of summer.

  3. Thanks, Deb, I'm a winter person, too. I used to be an Autumn person, but since our fire season has gotten so insane, winter and spring are my favorite seasons.

    Debbie, thank you. Sometimes sitting there and not moving is exactly what I do, especially in the summer. I sit on the end of my dock in the other seasons, but summer is just too crazy at Lake Arrowhead. It's crazy at Lake Gregory, too, but they don't allow power boats on it since it's so small, which makes it much more peaceful.

  4. Can't believe I overlooked this image, Victoria, I'm sorry.

    I do so love your beautiful Lake Gregory. Especially the little quiet nooks.
    What a place to meditate. Enchanting!


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