Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Meet Alyce Eloise

She came to us last September, a little six week old pastel calico.  She hasn't really gotten much bigger than she is in this photo.  We call her our miniature kitty. She was a little nervous about the camera at first.  "What is that big, black, shiny round thing you're pointing at me?  Is it hungry?!"

But, she got used to it.  She's very sweet and is beloved by her bigger 'siblings.'  (They're not from the same litter). 

She can be a little opinionated at times... "This is my saucer, and I'm not moving!"

But, she always wins us over with her sweet face and her little kitty kisses.


  1. gosh, what a beauty cutie!

  2. Aaawww isn't she adorable?!!!! What a sweety! Hugs! deb

  3. ¡Qué linda! y es toda una modelo.
    "me gustan las fotos, mami", jiji.

  4. Thank you Suz, Deb and Eugenia, I'll pass your compliments on to Alyce.

    And, Eugenia, Alyce is quite the model now, she loves posing for photos...well, most of the time, haha!

  5. Oh, my heart melted this morning :)
    Alyce is quite the beautiful mini kitty.
    Loved the photo of the clan all curled up together. A blissful image.

  6. Thanks, Vicki, sometimes they behave blissfully, sometimes...not so much. :-D

  7. She's adorable. Her bigger siblings are beautiful.

  8. OC! It's so good to see you here, I'll tell Alyce and her older siblings the nice things you said about them.

  9. What a charmer! I especially love the last picture!

  10. Thanks, Miss Vicki, I'll tell Alyce you said she's a charmer...and I bet she'll reply, "I am, aren't I." She's humble, too. :D

  11. Dear Victoria - catching up on your posts - I am so glad I didn't miss this adorable one. Now that is a face that would melt any heart. I can see why you could't resist this sweetie!


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