Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Moon Eagle

I meant to post this before now, but ... you know ...  Anyway, I took this March 13th of this year, in the late afternoon.  It's a Bald Eagle, but I didn't know that until I cropped the photo.  I hope you can tell it's a Bald Eagle...if you look closely you can see the white of its tail and a bit of its white head. (Click to enlarge the photo). Even though its not all that clear, and very grainy after I got done with the cropping, I was thrilled to get a photo of an eagle soaring over my cottage with the clouds and the moon, too!


  1. You must've been SO excited, Victoria!!
    The moon, the clouds, the eagle - I'm excited for you!

    Beautiful shot! Pure magic.
    Bald Eagle - is he the US emblem?
    We have Wedge-tailed Eagles here. Large, powerful and majestic.

    I love eagles... and all raptors.

    Such a wonderful image! You were blessed.

  2. Wow! Talk about the PERFECT shot! Gorgeous! I've never seen one in person. Must be breathtaking! Hugs! Deb

  3. Oh Victoria - what are the chances of capturing something like this with the moon. Extraordinary shot. I have never seen a bald eagle in person. Is this a rare sight for you? So glad you shared. Just awesome!!

  4. What a great shot! I love it when surprises show up when one enlarges.

  5. What an amazing shot! Happy surprises when you crop those photos :) Wendy x

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  7. Thanks, Suz!

    Vicki, I was nearly beside myself, I was so excited! Yes, the Bald Eagle is the U.S.'s national bird. Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be a Wild Turkey, can you imagine? :D

    Deb, I'm so glad you liked it, thank you!

    Debbie, Bald Eagles are a fairly rare sight here, even though some spend the winters at the various lakes up here. We don't get large numbers of them, though; just a few pairs at each lake. I'm glad you enjoyed the photo,

    Me too, Miss Vicki!

    Wendy, thank you!


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